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Catch a Peek of the All New Chevrolet Volt

VanDevere Chevy Chevrolet Volt All New Akron Ohio Electric Car


by Tim Stevens

Chevrolet gives us a sneak peek of the new Volt at CES 2015


LAS VEGAS — General Motors won’t spill all the beans on the new Chevy Volt until next week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but the company did give us a little peek of the thing here at the International CES. At a private event ahead of the show opening properly, Chevy gave us a brief — just 30 second — look at the new car.

It was quick, but we were shown a much more purposeful front-end of the thing, which features an aggressive, angular facia. It’s also shown in sedan form, and the rear looks to sweep downward dramatically like the current Volt — but that was a little hard to tell since we got such a brief peek.

Chevy says that the Volt has saved more than 25 billion gallons of fuel and that its owners are averaging 900 miles per tank of gas. That’s quite impressive.

Chevy also took the time to talk up its in-car LTE connectivity, which will be available as part of its OnStar with 4G LTE service, rolling out across the brand this year. And, there are the updates to OnStar, too.

Not a lot of information to share at this point, dear readers, so you’ll just have to check in this time next week when we’re up in Detroit and can bring you all the juicy details.

GM Receives 4 JD Power APEAL Awards

Buick Encore Chevy Sonic Chevrolet Volt And Alavanche Receive JD Power APEAL Awards

By: Nick Saporito

Recently General Motors has received a lot of love from market research firm JD Power, and that continues today with Chevrolet taking four APEAL awards. According to JD Power research, four GM products in total offer owners the highest gratification of ownership in their segment. Three of the awarded vehicles are Chevrolet products, which is the highest amount of any one brand in the study.

Chevrolet received APEAL awards for the Volt, Sonic and Avalanche. This is the third year that the Volt has been the most APEALing product in the compact car segment, while the Sonic and Avalanche have received the award for two years. Ironically, the Avalanche is now out of production and is being discontinued after the 2013 model year.

In addition to the three Chevrolet models, the Buick Encore received the APEAL award for the sub-compact crossover segment.

The APEAL study is based on over 83,000 responses from consumers that gauge the vehicle’s overall appeal within the first 90 days of ownership. The study sort of goes hand in hand with JD Power’s Initial Quality Survey, of which GM was the top performer on as well.

GM changing Volt for California carpool lanes

By Bernie Woodall

updated 2/23/2012 3:48:44 PM ET

General Motors Co is adjusting its plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt to meet strict California requirements for a $1,500 state rebate and allow drivers to use special carpool lanes there, the carmaker said on Thursday.

Volts sold in California starting later this month will have an additional emissions system fan to help curb tailpipe emissions and some software changes not available on Volts sold outside California, GM said.

The change comes at a time when Volt sales have been slow for a car seen as a game-changer for GM. California is the biggest U.S. auto market in general, and the biggest market for alternative fuel vehicles.

A fourth of the 7,671 Volts GM sold in 2011 were sold in California.

GM said that it did not include the additional equipment for California Volts until now because it did not want to delay the vehicle’s launch. Sales began in December 2010.

California has 1,400 miles of roads with lanes designated for cars carrying two or more people. Volt drivers along with drivers of other advanced-battery and zero-emissions cars can use these lanes even if the cars are carrying only the driver.

GM says that cars on congested Southern California roads that use the high-occupany vehicle lanes can save about 36 minutes a day in commuting time.

The ability to drive in the “HOV lanes” in California was a boost to sales of the Prius hybrid when Toyota Motor Corp ramped up sales of the market’s dominant hybrid car. But standard hybrids like the Prius are no longer eligible for special stickers to allow access to HOV lanes for cars without passengers.

Toyota will next month begin selling a plug-in Prius that will get about 15 miles on battery charge alone.

This new version of the Prius will be eligible for the $1,500 California rebate and the HOV lane stickers.

California plans to issue up to 40,000 HOV lane stickers in 2012.

GM said that single-occupancy Volts are also eligible for access to carpool lanes in New York, Florida and Georgia.

GM is not saying how much it will cost to add the new equipment to each California Volt. The costs will not be passed onto the customers because GM wants a national sales price for the Volt, a spokesman said.

The Volt retails at $39,900 before a $7,500 federal tax credit and the $1,500 California rebate.

GM lowered the retail price of the Volt from $41,500 on its 2012 models.

Shipments of the “low emissions package” Volts started last week from GM’s Detroit-Hamtrack plant.

The Volt operates for about 35 miles on battery power when fully charged. Under this mode, there are no tailpipe emissions. When battery power is low, a gasoline engine powers a generator that creates power to run the electric engine, allowing the Volt to have a range of about 380 miles, based on U.S. government estimates.

Read more: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46502455/ns/business-autos/