VanDevere Lease Thrive & Drive Process


  1. Charity purchases tickets from VanDevere to sell in your raffle
  2. Charity completes Google Sheets spreadsheet of all participants with names and contact info and must inform VanDevere it has been completed (already shared with VanDevere)
  3. Charity returns all tickets stubs to VanDevere by the date on contract
  4. VanDevere draws a winning ticket
  5. VanDevere calls winner live and notifies them that they won
  6. VanDevere notifies charity of the winner
  7. Winner has 7 days from date of drawing to decide if they want lease or cash option
  8. Winner Selection
    1. LEASE. If winner chooses lease:
      1. VanDevere needs to locate vehicle
      2. VanDevere works up one-payment lease on vehicle and donates (writes check) the exact amount for the one-payment lease price to charity (total amount including lease taxes)
      3. Charity in-turn writes a check back to VanDevere to pay for the one-payment lease 
      4. Winner completes all lease paperwork (in their name) when they come in for photo-op
    2. CASH. If winner chooses cash:
      1. VanDevere donates (writes check) to charity for the cash prize of $2,500
      2. Charity needs winner to sign a W-9 form and in-turn writes their own check to the winner for the cash prize of $2,500
      3. Charity can offer to withhold taxes (25%) for the winner but may not be obligated (charity should consult their tax accountant for advice)
      4. Charity to give cash prize check to winner after charity and winner come to VanDevere for photo-op 
  9. Charity needs to send VanDevere a donation acknowledgement letter for the value of the lease (will vary) or the cash prize ($2,500) specifically stating that “no goods or services were received in return for this gift”
  10. VanDevere schedules with charity and winner a day/time to come in
  11. Charity accompanies winner to VanDevere for photo opportunity
  12. Winner signs standard release form
  13. VanDevere takes photo of winner
  14. If winner chooses lease, they sign lease contract and take deliver of vehicle
  15. If winner chooses cash, charity has winner complete W-9 form and hands the winner their prize check after photo is taken
  16. Charity sends the winner a 1099 for the value of the one-payment lease or the cash option amount of $2,500 as the customer owes income tax on the winnings