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Spy Shot: Kia GT

Kia GT Spy Shot

From: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/06/13/kia-gt-spy-shots/

Kia GT spied looking like a rakish, sexy Forte
By: Brandon Turkus

Just over four months ago, we told you that Kia would offer a production version of its handsome GT concept. Now, we have images of the svelte new four-door testing in Germany. It looks like we’re getting a sexy, rear-drive performance sedan the size of a Kia Forte. And we’re pretty stoked.

Judging by our spy images, Kia is going to stick pretty close to the concept car’s rakish lines. That means more four-door coupe than three-box sedan, which is precisely the kind of thing Kia could use. Beyond the overall shape, the headlights retain the same interesting shape as the concept, albeit in a more production-focused look. They crown a production-spec fascia, with more conventional vertical intakes. In back, the vehicle-spanning taillight element from the concept car appears to have been replaced by a conventional set of lamps – there’s camo where the lighting element should be. Speaking of the tail, look at those tailpipes. Few things shout “Rawr, I’m a performance car,” like a meaty set of quad exhausts. It’s hard to tell here, but the rear fascia looks much more conventional than the GT concept, too, which went with a very aero-intensive design.

Under the skin, our spies tell us the GT rides on a shortened version of the rear-drive platform slated to underpin the upcoming Genesis G90 – that backs up the reports that the GT would challenge the BMW 4 Series GranCoupe. Our most recent report pointed to a range of four and six-cylinder engines from 2.0- to 3.3-liters. Our spies suggest that twin-turbocharged V6 will put out anywhere from 365 to 400 ponies. Obviously, this would be a range-topping model, but what a range-topper it would be. It’s like a budget M4.

Our best intelligence points to the GT’s production debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, with an on-sale date in just under a year.

2015 Spark EV Electric Vehicle Repriced To Add Value

2015 Spark EV Available From VanDevere In Akron Ohio Save Money On Gas With Electric Car


DETROIT – Chevrolet announced today Spark EV 1LT’s new manufacturer’s suggested retail price would start at $25,995. Depending on an individual’s tax situation, the Spark EV is eligible for federal tax credit up to $7,500.

“Chevrolet is committed to making EV driving more accessible, affordable and fun” said Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet Car and Crossover Marketing. “The Spark EV is already the most efficient – and one of the most affordable – EVs you can buy. 2015 Spark EV customers will benefit from an impressive blend of technology, capability and low cost of ownership, now at an even more impressive price.”

California and Maryland Spark EV owners may also qualify for a $2,500 California state rebate or $2,300 Maryland excise tax exemption. Additional Chevrolet bonus cash is also available: $1,000 in California, $1,200 in Maryland, and $3,500 in Oregon. After full federal and state tax credits and Chevrolet bonus cash, the Spark EV could be as low as $14,995. Individuals should consult a tax professional prior to claiming any credits to confirm eligibility for tax benefits.

Spark EV owners in California and Maryland are also eligible for High-Occupancy Vehicle, or carpool lane, access

A $139 per month* sign-and-drive lease for 39  months with $0 due at lease signing including security deposit but excluding tax, title, license and dealer fees, is also available, making the Chevrolet Spark EV one of the most affordable EVs on the market.

Compared to the average new gas-powered vehicle, the Spark EV can save drivers, on average, about $83 per month in fuel costs according to EPA assessments based on 24 mpg highway for an average vehicle and 12 cents per kWh of electricity cost.  More details are available at fueleconomy.gov.

Currently available at select Chevrolet dealers throughout California and Oregon, select Chevrolet dealers in Maryland will have Spark EV’s available beginning in mid-2015.

More than 90 percent of Spark EV owners are trading in a non-GM nameplate or adding a new car to the household.

“The Chevrolet Spark EV is helping us reach new buyers in critical markets like Los Angeles,” said Majoros. “Spark EV owners recognize the car as an opportunity to drive an all-electric vehicle that fits their budget and lifestyle.” The Spark EV features a combined city/highway EPA estimated range of 82 miles when fully charged and an EPA-estimated combined city/highway 119 MPGe fuel economy equivalent.

The Spark EV is compatible with the SAE combo charger for DC Fast Charging as an available option. The capability enables the Spark EV to recharge up to 80 percent of its capacity in approximately 20 minutes at select DC Fast Charging stations based on charging levels and outside temperature.

Unlike most competitors, the Spark EV’s battery system is capable of handling multiple compatible DC Fast Charges daily. Charging can also be completed in less than seven hours using a dedicated 240V charge. A 120V charge cord set comes standard.  Charging can be managed and monitored remotely using the Spark EV’s smart phone application, provided by OnStar, which is standard for three years. The vehicle’s 19 kWh lithium-ion battery pack offers limited warranty protection of eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Editors’ note: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Includes dealer freight charges and option package discounts.

*Lease example based on survey. Each dealership sets its own price. Your payments may vary.Payments are for a 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV with an MSRP of $25,995. 39 monthly payments total $5,421. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. GM Financial must approve lease.  Take delivery by April 30, 2015. Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 10,000 miles. Lessee pays for excess wear. Payments may be higher in some states.  Not available with some other offers.  Residency restrictions apply.