Employee Cornhole Tournament

☀️Fun days on sunny days at VanDevere☀️

Our team put together an all department Cornhole Tournament to raise money for this months charity, Summit County Children’s Services. In addition to paying to play, our team was also able to support by dressing in their nice pair of jeans and Hawaiian shirts. Each employee enjoyed burgers from Menches Brothers food truck. We appreciated them coming out and feeding our team a great lunch.

As far as the Cornhole Tournament goes, it was a close call with our final two teams being Colten Emerick and Kyle Ries vs. Cody Seeberger and Isaiah Hayes. Ultimately, Colten and Kyle were the Cornhole Champions of the day!

Check out a video overview of the day here: 7075de67c1a7469b9d43caacda9aeabe (1)

Final two Cornhole Tournament teams