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Free Lifetime Car Washes are just one of the many VanDevere Advantages our customers receive when purchasing their vehicle at any of our four convenient Akron-area locations!  For a limited time only, you don’t need to be a VanDevere customer to be able to take your vehicle through one of our two automatic car washes. Simply visit our facebook page at www.likevandevere.com and click the Like button as displayed below. Then, at your convenience, simply stop by either of our VanDevere Kia or VanDevere Chevrolet stores and simply show your smartphone or give your name to the attendant. Be advised that, as we do not wish you to be driving an ice cube home, our car wash locations will close when the temperature falls below freezing. For the most up to date information regarding each car wash’s availability, please visit: www.isthecarwashopen.com

Rob Dyrdek Kickflips in a Chevrolet Sonic

A kickflip is a word typically associated with the sport of skateboarding, not one that involves cars. But Rob Dyrdek, star of MTV’s reality show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” changed all that this weekend at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The term kickflip describes a move in which a rider flips his/her board in a 360 degree corkscrew motion while in air. Dyrdek traded in his board for a Chevrolet Sonic as he launched himself off a titled ramp as he soared above an over-sized skateboard to become the first person in history to successfully kickflip a vehicle. A video of the stunt is available here on Chevrolet’s YouTube Channel and will also appear in the season premiere of Dydrek’s reality show (no air date at this time).