Employee Spotlight: Jeff Congrove

Employee Spotlight: April 2019

Jeff Congrove

We sat down with VanDevere Buick Parts Manager, Jeff Congrove. Jeff has been with VanDevere for 33 years! You read that right, 33 years. He is about to start his semi-retirement soon but first, he is in the Spotlight!

If you visit the VanDevere Buick Service and Parts department you have probably seen Jeff around. He has been the parts manager for the past few years. Jeff has been a fixture in VanDevere for 33 years and soon will be semi-retiring so we are honoring him with the
employee spotlight! Meet Jeff Congrove, VanDevere Buick Parts Manager:

VDV: Hi Jeff, thanks for taking some time to chat with us today! 33 years, that is a long time!
We are glad to have you around but we understand wanting to live the retired life!
We have a variety of questions for you. We will start easy, what is the best thing about your

Jeff: The best thing is the general atmosphere here and the great people I have met and work
with every day.

VDV: We are sure that you have met quite a lot of people in your time here. What is the best
thing about VanDevere?

Jeff: It is the caring and family atmosphere here. It really is like a family at VanDevere. We
look out for each other.

VDV: That makes working here for 33 years easier. Enough about work, let’s get to the fun stuff.
What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

Jeff: Spend time with my family, whether it is quality time with my wife or visiting my children,
family is key!

VDV: We are noticing a theme, FAMILY! Fill in the blank: I once met _____________!

Jeff: Hmmm I once met … my wife! (to Jeff’s wife, he didn’t have time to prepare for these
questions that was his spontaneous answer! Lucky lady!)

VDV: That is so sweet, Jeff. How long have you two been together?

Jeff: 40 years on May 5 th !
VDV: Cinco de Mayo, celebrating with tacos and margaritas?

Jeff: Maybe that’s why we picked that day!

VDV: It’s a good day! We were going to ask, “if you could pick a superpower, what would it be
?” but we have heard a story that makes us think you may have already found invincibility. Do
you mind sharing that story?

Jeff: LOL you mean the coming to work after having a heart attack?

VDV: Yes, that’s the one.Jeff: A few years ago, in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a heart attack. I got out of bed and sat in my chair for a bit. That was around 330 am. Around 5 am I got showered and
headed to work, in a fog. I was definitely out of it and a little “zombie” like. I made it through
the day. At home, my son checked on me and I told him I was fine. Anyone that saw me could
tell I wasn’t. My son ended up calling my daughter who lives out-of-town and told him what
was going on. She called me crying to go to the hospital. So, the son and I headed to the
hospital. The doctors told me to take 3 weeks off of work. To me, that meant 3 days. And
after those 3 days, I was back at it!

VDV: Wow Jeff! Just wow. After an adventure like that it seems you would need a vacation.
Speaking of, what is your favorite spot to go visit.

Jeff: I really enjoy visiting Tennessee.

VDV: Great place! When you aren’t traveling what is your favorite spot in your city?

Jeff: Jersey’s in Green

VDV: Nice. Last question…. What is your dream car?

Jeff: I don’t really have a dream car but I do have my Dune Buggy! It is my dream vehicle and I
have had it for 30 years. I plan on spending more time working on it and playing during

VDV: Sounds fun! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and sharing with us.
We also appreciate all that you brought to the VanDevere Bunch. Enjoy your retirement, you
deserve it.