Employee Spotlight: Josh Taylor

We sat down with VanDevere Kia Tech, Josh Taylor. Josh has been with VanDevere for 10 years. We spent some time getting to know Josh on his 10th anniversary!

VDV: Hi Josh, congrats on hitting the 10 year mark at VanDevere Kia. Thank you for sitting
down with us.

Josh: Thank you!

VDV: We will start easy. What is the best thing about your job?

Josh: The friends that I have here.

VDV: I bet you have made some good ones over the years. Besides the friends, what is the
best thing about VanDevere?

Josh: The culture, we’re all family.

VDV: We hear that a lot. What 3 words do you feel describes VanDevere the best?

Josh: Inviting, Fun and Consistent.

VDV: Good choice of we agree those fit pretty good. Ok now own to the personal stuff. Don’t
worry it isn’t too scary. What do you like to do when not at work?

Josh: Play guitar, do crossfit, mountain bike, hang out with my kids and family and go to church.

VDV: Those things must keep you pretty busy. What inspires you?

Josh: I’m inspired by watching others succeed.

VDV. That is definitely something we can get behind. When you are traveling what is your
favorite place to go?

Josh: Brevard, North Carolina.

VDV: When at home, what is your favorite place to eat?

Josh: The Valley Café in Wadsworth

VDV: Yum! Last question, what is your dream car?

Josh: Audi RS4 Avant

VDV: Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know more about you and thank
you for your 10 years here at the VanDevere Bunch!