2020 Kia Sportage Changes

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2020 Kia Sportage Will Arrive With Aggressive Styling, Updated Features, and a New Trim

The Kia Sportage doesn’t sell nearly as well as most of its rivals, despite offering plenty of value due to its extensive feature set, luxury-grade cabin, high predicted reliability rating, and industry-leading warranty. Kia is making some notable changes for the 2020 model year in an effort to boost the compact crossover’s appeal.

Kia completely redesigned the Sportage for the 2017 model year, and the current generation has proven itself as a vast improvement over previous generations. The 2020 Sportage gets a new S trim and an augmented list of safety and convenience features, which includes a standard 8-inch touch screen with the latest smartphone app integration.


The 2020 Kia Sportage will be available in four trims: LX, S, EX, and SX Turbo. We know that the S is a new midrange trim level, though Kia hasn’t provided many details about the variant, aside from specifying that it will offer unique exterior and interior design features. All Sportage trims are available with either front- or all-wheel drive.

Exterior Design

According to Kia, the Sportage has always employed distinctive European styling. It’s meant to be outwardly curvaceous, while remaining bold and aggressive. The 2020 model builds upon this design philosophy with several subtle revisions, including a new front bumper, grille, air intake, and skid plate. At the rear, Kia redesigned the bumper, skid plate, tail light trim, and exhaust tips. Also, the headlights, fog lights, turn signals, and wheels are all new. Wheels are available in 17-, 18-, and 19-inch diameters. Exterior color choices remain the same as those available on the outgoing Sportage, though Kia is adding a new metallic Steel Grey option.

Interior Design and Seats

The 2020 Sportage gets an upgraded interior with a newly designed steering wheel and reshaped vent bezels. In addition, SOFINO synthetic leather seat surfaces are available.

The Sportage seats five passengers in two rows. Based on our review of the comparable 2019 Sportage, the seats are some of the most supportive in the segment, and there’s plenty of space for adult passengers in both rows.

Cargo Space

Kia doesn’t mention any changes to the size or interior dimensions of the Sportage, so it’s likely that it will offer the same cargo volume as the outgoing model. You get nearly 31 cubic feet with all the seats in use and a little more than 60 cubic feet with the second-row seats folded down. This is below-average for the class.

Interior Technology

The refreshed Sportage gets an 8-inch touch-screen interface with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. In the 2019 model, these niceties are optional. Navigation and wireless smartphone charging will also be available for the 2020 model year.

Powertrain and Fuel Economy

The 2020 Sportage will arrive with the same two powertrain options as the current model: a 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a 2.0-liter turbo-four, which only comes in the SX Turbo trim level. The base engine makes 181 horsepower, while the turbo churns out 240. Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

According to the EPA, the naturally aspirated engine returns 23 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway. The turbocharged four-cylinder gets 20 and 28, respectively.

Safety Features

The 2020 Sportage comes standard with a rearview camera, just like the outgoing model. However, several new advanced driver assistance technologies are available, including high beam assist, driver attention monitoring, lane keep assist, forward collision assist, pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control with start and stop functionality.

Blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane change assist, and automatic pre-collision braking are available as well.



Buick Pre-Announces All New Enclave

Buick Pre-Announces All-New Enclave For End This Year

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Buick has just announced that it will present an all-new Enclave later this year in China. “An all-new Enclave?”, you might ask. That’s right, an all-new Enclave… though not really an all-new Enclave. Let us explain.

Buick did not disclose any details of the new model, but we know that the all-new Enclave in question will not be the same second-generation, full-size crossover that has been on sale in North America since 2017. In fact, the full-size Buick Enclave currently on sale in North America is not and has never been sold in China. Instead, the new Enclave will be a new model that’s smaller than the current, full-size Enclave. Previously, we reported that the vehicle in question will be called Buick Envoy, but it now appears that this will not be the case – and that GM has elected to use the Enclave name for the model.

As we reported last year, the Buick Enclave destined for China will ride on the short version of the GM C1 platform. According to our sources, the upcoming utility is known internally within GM by the C1UB program code. It will share its core architectural makeup and overall dimensions with the new Cadillac XT6 and the upcoming three-row Chevy Blazer. That would make it not quite a midsize CUV, and not quite a full-size CUV. As such, we’ve termed it “midsize plus.”

We are certain that this model will be sold in China, becoming Buick’s largest utility in that market. Whether or not it will arrive in North America is currently unclear.

What’s more, the naming is somewhat curious. Our sources initially indicated that GM China was deciding between two names – Enclave and Envoy – for the upcoming midsize utility, and that they were leaning toward the latter. But this announcement confirms that Buick has opted to use the Enclave name.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Enclave moniker will be accompanied by another identifier, such as GX – which Buick started doing recently on the second-generation Encore. It introduced a more basic model of the subcompact CUV simply as the new Encore, as well as a slightly larger and more premium model called Encore GX. Since the GX moniker denotes a more premium and larger model, it’s possible that this midsize plus model will be called Enclave, while the larger, full-size Enclave sold in North America will be renamed to Enclave GX.

In the meantime, we believe that the Envoy and Enspire names could still be used on future Buick vehicles, especially for the model assigned program code E2UB – which would essentially be Buick’s version of the Cadillac XT4. We recently saw that model undergoing testing for the very first time.

In any case, Buick says that the new Enclave will complete the range of its utility vehicles, joining the new Encore, Encore GX and Envision in the Chinese market. In turn, the introduction of the new midsize CUV will improve the brand’s overall competitiveness in one of the most popular vehicle segments in the industry.

The all-new Enclave will be presented during the last quarter of 2019 in China, as the largest Buick utility that has been manufactured in that country. According to our sources, the new Enclave will be produced at the Jinqiao Cadillac plant starting in January 2020.


Employee Spotlight: Jeff Congrove

Employee Spotlight: April 2019

Jeff Congrove

We sat down with VanDevere Buick Parts Manager, Jeff Congrove. Jeff has been with VanDevere for 33 years! You read that right, 33 years. He is about to start his semi-retirement soon but first, he is in the Spotlight!

If you visit the VanDevere Buick Service and Parts department you have probably seen Jeff around. He has been the parts manager for the past few years. Jeff has been a fixture in VanDevere for 33 years and soon will be semi-retiring so we are honoring him with the
employee spotlight! Meet Jeff Congrove, VanDevere Buick Parts Manager:

VDV: Hi Jeff, thanks for taking some time to chat with us today! 33 years, that is a long time!
We are glad to have you around but we understand wanting to live the retired life!
We have a variety of questions for you. We will start easy, what is the best thing about your

Jeff: The best thing is the general atmosphere here and the great people I have met and work
with every day.

VDV: We are sure that you have met quite a lot of people in your time here. What is the best
thing about VanDevere?

Jeff: It is the caring and family atmosphere here. It really is like a family at VanDevere. We
look out for each other.

VDV: That makes working here for 33 years easier. Enough about work, let’s get to the fun stuff.
What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

Jeff: Spend time with my family, whether it is quality time with my wife or visiting my children,
family is key!

VDV: We are noticing a theme, FAMILY! Fill in the blank: I once met _____________!

Jeff: Hmmm I once met … my wife! (to Jeff’s wife, he didn’t have time to prepare for these
questions that was his spontaneous answer! Lucky lady!)

VDV: That is so sweet, Jeff. How long have you two been together?

Jeff: 40 years on May 5 th !
VDV: Cinco de Mayo, celebrating with tacos and margaritas?

Jeff: Maybe that’s why we picked that day!

VDV: It’s a good day! We were going to ask, “if you could pick a superpower, what would it be
?” but we have heard a story that makes us think you may have already found invincibility. Do
you mind sharing that story?

Jeff: LOL you mean the coming to work after having a heart attack?

VDV: Yes, that’s the one.Jeff: A few years ago, in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a heart attack. I got out of bed and sat in my chair for a bit. That was around 330 am. Around 5 am I got showered and
headed to work, in a fog. I was definitely out of it and a little “zombie” like. I made it through
the day. At home, my son checked on me and I told him I was fine. Anyone that saw me could
tell I wasn’t. My son ended up calling my daughter who lives out-of-town and told him what
was going on. She called me crying to go to the hospital. So, the son and I headed to the
hospital. The doctors told me to take 3 weeks off of work. To me, that meant 3 days. And
after those 3 days, I was back at it!

VDV: Wow Jeff! Just wow. After an adventure like that it seems you would need a vacation.
Speaking of, what is your favorite spot to go visit.

Jeff: I really enjoy visiting Tennessee.

VDV: Great place! When you aren’t traveling what is your favorite spot in your city?

Jeff: Jersey’s in Green

VDV: Nice. Last question…. What is your dream car?

Jeff: I don’t really have a dream car but I do have my Dune Buggy! It is my dream vehicle and I
have had it for 30 years. I plan on spending more time working on it and playing during

VDV: Sounds fun! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and sharing with us.
We also appreciate all that you brought to the VanDevere Bunch. Enjoy your retirement, you
deserve it.